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Fast, agile and fulfill the roll of “Temp work agency” 10/10. If you want to get a job fast Humanizer its the right place. Just upload your CV, no annoying interviews in the middle and thats it. You will be working in no time (and thats the way unqualified jobs should be handled, so take note usless HHRR departments) Real cool and efficient app also, in which you can communicate with Humanizer personnel in matter of minutes. I got a special mention to Kristine, who was always super polite and willing to resolve any problem or doubt I have (even though it wasnt her responsability or duty to do it). Thanks Humanizer team for everything, until next time!!!

Matias 01-12-2021

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We strive to match you with a suitable position, regardless of your background or location. With us, you become a valued part of our large and special community. Every year we assist a wide range of jobseekers in fiding work, whether it is a student job, part-time or full-time. 

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HumanizeR creates the connection between jobseekers and companies across Denmark. Maybe we already have the job of your dreams. 

Why HumanizeR?

As a temp agency we have one clear goal: It needs to be easy for you to get the right, flexible employee, when you need it.

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