Temp Agency

A Temp Agency Makes it Easy to Employ a Temporary Employee 

As a temp agency we have one clear goal: It should be easy for our customers to get the right, flexible labor.

All companies can need extra hands (and heads) – either as temporary assistance right now or flexible work power for a longer period. In these situations a temporary worker could be the right solution. The right worker can strengthen your company, when you need it the most and you have no long term commitments.

Our goal is to make it easy for you can and the goal is fulfilled through our online temporary employee service. The online system makes it easy and quick to order extra work power. The system is based on many years of experience with finding and administrating temporary assistance. You company will receive your own login and will be able to order a temporary worker 24/7/365.

In HumanizeR’s online temp agency the working hours will be registered automatically which makes it easy for you to manage your use of temporary assistance – both on employee level and for a certain period, where you have used several temp workers.

You are free to choose the service which fits you best and should you prefer personal contact, you are more than welcome to call us. We have 24 hours service.

Temp Agency with 24 Hours Telephone Service 

We are your partner and we are available whenever you need help. 

A temp agency with a 24 hours service means that you can call us any time and get assistance in finding a temporary employee with the right competences as fast as possible. This means that your company can work at full power all the time. 

To ensure that our temp agency provides a high quality service 24 hours a day all employees who answer the phone are employed by us. You will get assistance in defining your needs and the profile for the temp employee and our employees have access to all our temp employees. This means that you can expect quick temporary employee assistance 24 hours a day. 

Have you heard about our online temp agency? We strongly recommend it and you can read more about it or call +45 53 53 11 99 and get a presentation directly from one of our employees. 


Temp Agency with Online-Service

Four methods to minimize your administration with temporary employees. Read more about how we do. 

High Quality Candidates 

We have a unique strategy for our candidates. This strategy ensures high quality temp employees. Read more.