Efficient Recruitment of Employees

You can always discuss what the best way to recruit employees is.  For us the best way is that you as our customer have experienced an easy and valuable process, when we have helped you recruit a new employee and you have got the right candidate for the job.

To achieve that, requires either luck or good work processes. We prefer to use good work processes and have developed a set of work processes that ensures that we together can achieve our goals.

Benefits of Recruiting through HumanizeR

  1. It will be much easier for your company to use temporary staff
  2. It will be faster to recruit new employees without reducing your demand for high quality
  3. You will receive valuable advice on processes which can optimize your company’s human resources. 
  4. The Recruiting Process – How We Recruit Your New Employee.

A Work Process for Recruiting Your Employees Can shortly Described Look as This:

  • Analysis of needs and wishes
  • Treatment and description of the job / the function
  • Reconciliation of time frame, candidate and economy
  • Preparation of final job description
  • Initiation of search
  • Delivery of HR report
  • Delivery of sorted list of candidates
  • Interviews and selection
  • Final selection
  • Draft of recruitment / job description
  • Time schedule for follow up

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Recruitment of Highly Qualified Candidates

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