Online Temporary Employee Service

Book Your Temporary Employee with HumanizeR’s Online System

Four fundamental advantages, when you use HumanizeR’s online temporary employee service – an online temporary employee system for booking and ordering of temporary employees. This system is going to make the job easier for you and your company.

Online Ordering of Temporary Employees 

You get easy and flexible work power.

You can order your temporary employee from the office, from the train or from home and when you have the time. You can use the system from your computer, your tablet or smart phone. Our temporary employee service is just as flexible as the working power we supply.

Maybe you know that you need extra working power through summer time which means that you create temporary employee watches in the weeks in question. Then you lean back and watch your watches getting occupied. That is easy.

Online Temporary Employee Booking 

You get rid of time registration and get a direct contact with the temporary employee.

The booking system works as an online punch clock, which means that you don’t need to sign a timesheet. The temporary employee logs in on his smart phone and registers his arrival (but not until they are inside the GPS coordinates for your company).

You can communicate directly with the temporary employee and read a short description and see a picture of the employee. Thereby everybody is 100% prepared when the temporary employee starts.

No Timesheets

The temporary employee doesn’t need to fill in a timesheet and you don’t need to sign it. No entering of data and no timesheets means that your time can be optimized.

All this happens automatically in the temporary employee system. The employee logs in, you approve the registrations and the invoice is made. Everything can be monitored directly in the system.

Online Temporary Employee Statistics 

It is easy to get an overview.

All information is available in our online temporary employee system. You can quickly see how many temporary employee hours you have used and which employees you have used.

You are able to monitor your needs throughout the year, which gives you the possibility for planning your future use. You get access to data, where the quality of our services is visible. Do we live up to your needs? Is the quality of our temporary employees as high as promised? Your online temporary employee service gives you a full overview.

If you need personal service just give us a call. You can read more about our 24 hour telephone service here, or call +45 53 53 11 99.