Nationwide Recruitment and Temporary Employee Agency

HumanizeR is a recruitment and temporary employment agency, who connects candidates with companies in the entire country. We do it with success because we have:

  1. developed a work process that makes it easy to be a customer and ensures that we find the best match
  2. great knowledge of a lot of qualified candidates which are part of our database.

Your Professional HR Partner 

We would like to be your HR Partner who objectively helps you assessing your needs and advice you about your possibilities.

Your needs might be to free work time from recruiting your next employee or temporary employee? You may find it difficult to the recruit the right employee and the reason might be different from what you think. Perhaps you have a new product line which needs to be tested before you hire permanent employees? There are many possibilities – and we are ready to find the best solution.

Besides recruitment and temporary employee service we offer development and upgrading of employees and management – sometimes in close cooperation with external specialists, so we can tailor the solution for our customers.


Temporary Employee Agency Makes it Easy for You

Our goal is to make it easy for your company working with temporary employees. And we are doing well. Read more.  

Efficient Recruitment at Fixed Prices 

Read more about how we ensure high quality at fixed prices.