How to Become a Customer at HumanizeR

It is just as simple to become a customer at HumanizeR, as we are effective on recruitment. Send a mail or call Michael Weibel. He is our CEO and is ready to find the right solutions for you. 

Contact data:

Michael Weibel
Phone: +45 53 53 11 99



Nationwide Recruitment and Temporary Employee Service 

HumanizeR are based in Aarhus, Kolding, Maribo and Copenhagen. We offer recruitment and temporary employee service in all areas in Denmark and can assist you in finding international competences for your company. 

Three Good Reasons for Cooperating with HumanizeR

We are keen on optimizing the cooperation with you and your company. Ongoing evaluations keep us focused on the conditions which mean the most to the majority of companies. We give you three good reasons for cooperating with HumanizeR:

  1. Fast recruitment of high quality employees at fixed prices
  2. Efficient temporary employee service which makes it easy to use temporary employees
  3. Advice on optimization of personnel tailored to your company.

There are plenty of other good reason for a cooperation, so please tell us what means most to you.

Our consultants are ready to advice you on the best solution.

Call +45 53 53 11 99 and learn more about our unique processes, which makes recruitment fast and handling of temporary employees easier.