High Quality Recruitment at a Fixed Price

We always Have High Quality Candidates Ready for Recruitment

This is due to our strategy for candidates, which gives us a close contact with the candidates who are in our database. The close contact gives us a deeper knowledge of each candidate and enables an effective recruitment process and a perfect match.

It gives us satisfied candidates, as we always provide an honest feedback about the job possibilities. With satisfied candidates we get a constant flow of new and active candidates, who are included in our recruitment process for your next employee.

We can offer you a committed employee, who matches the personality in your company and who has the needed qualifications and with a short time frame.

Recruitment at Fixed Prices 

What is most important in the recruitment process of your employees? That it is cheap? That the time frame in short or that we find the right candidate? What if you can get it all at a fixed price?

HumanizeR offers you a fixed price on recruitment and we provide you with a time frame for the recruitment of your new employee. If it sounds too good to be true, then please contact us and get an offer – without any costs implied.

Do you need a new employee? We would like to help you – please give us a call on +45 53 53 11 99.